Why Do I Have Stretch Marks

3. Regard minor to moderate cream with Retin- A or Tretinoin. These help lighten and repair lines which may recently developed. Older scars could have a various and less helpful be managed by this ingredient.

Surgical procedures like laser surgery and chemical peels can enhance the appearance of skin scarring. Laser surgery aims to stimulate collagen production plus a laser which permeates the epidermis. This treatment will last for 5 to 6 sessions. Even though likely to really avoid stretch marks, occur reducing their visibility are high by reason of improved collagen production. Chemical peels, in contrast, eliminates about three layers of sun damaged skin cells, making fresh skin with more even surface and color.

Collagen - Rummage around for stretchmark treatment fortified with collagen. This can be a biggest ingredient on age defying solution inside cosmetic industry.

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