Stretch Mark Remedies

Cocoa butter cream is an which you easily get from most drug counter, often recommended to melt scars, so might be worth a shot.

Go with the Healthy Body

2. As i've already explained, moisturize! If you are sufficiently lucky to get not have any visible marks place your skin in the position where when the sudden growth spurt happens you will suddenly gain the marks. Mothers to be use tummy butter or cocoa butter from the abdomen to make sure you avoid the dreaded baby bump pink striae. Teenagers or any person who may possibly noticing their body weight increasing also should use body lotion. If lotion just sits there, skin that suddenly stretches will form scars that almost resemble cracks. The marks can show up that need be either white or pink. Cease this, go for a lotion with lots of Vit e content or cocoa butter. These ingredients will reduce skins elasticity and enable avert stretchmark alley.

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